Agami prevents mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoids problems when delivering solutions or services to customers; defined by ISO 9001 as “part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled”.

Agami provides expert insight into quality control systems and management- ensuring not only that the nonconforming parts are contained, but also that conforming parts reach the customer.

  • Set Up – Established project management techniques are applied to each job

  • Training – Employees are trained and supervised by experienced Agami managers

  • Control – Stringent controls maintain integrity in each step of the process

  • Reporting – Detailed reports provide customers with up-to-date results

  • Layered Audits – Inspection process audit to review general set up, work instructions, tools and gauges, product identification, work area and documentation

  • Invoicing – Customer invoices are completely transparent with name of inspector, bill rate and hours worked on that particular project

  • Improvement – Agami management reviews and implements dozens of improvement ideas from our team each year to improve our level of quality and service

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